Hello 2017

So 2016 just came to a close… Happy New Year! Here’s a short round up of my year, plus some of my plans for 2017.

Near the start of 2016 we moved out of our flat in the city in order to save up some money, spent some time converting the van and eventually finished it in time for our Europe Trip.

On our return, we started house hunting, and not long after, found the perfect place! Most of the last few months has been spent stripping the house of all the old stuff and bringing in the new.

In October 2016 I also shifted from full-time to part-time at work, and as of 2017 I’ll officially be working as a freelancer for part of my week.

Desk at the start of 2017

Going into 2017 I’m planning to get the house finished, move in and free up time to work on new projects.

I’ll be setting up a home office space and seeking new work this year, so if you’d like to discuss a project or even just chat about your plans, feel free to give me a call!