Inktober 2018

Inktober (or Drawtober) is a challenge to draw something each day in October. This year I had a go, although I might have over-exerted myself by the end, I still feel like it was worth doing. For each day I came up with a prompt, so the first one was “Glasses” for example.

Although some of them were rushed, I did end up drawing some stuff I am pretty happy with. Here’s a few of the ones I thought were my best:

1 Glassses #1 Glassses

Having to draw quick is the hardest part! I started the smoke again 3 times… Tomorrow I think I’m going for pen and paper, so that’ll be fun 😅

4 Desert #4 Desert

Only day 4 and it’s already taking its toll! 😣 This was based on something I saw about a giant hand sculpture in the middle of a desert in Chile ✋

5 Arcade #5 Arcade 🕹

Ran out of time on this one! Pretty happy with it though, looking forward to tomorrow 🙌

6 Castle #6 Castle 🏰

I thought I’d give pixel art a go 🤔 I’ve never properly done it before, so here’s my first official attempt!

7 Cassette Tape #7 Cassette Tape

This idea was so much better in my head that what I’ve ended up with, but I ran out of time! Ah well, another drawing tomorrow 😣😅

8 Snacks #8 Snacks

Ugh! I gave myself way too much to draw with this one, so I ended up rushing it a bit in the end. I could do with coming up with simpler ideas 😅

10 Paperwork #10 Paperwork

I feel like this one went pretty well :) Just under a third of the way through, 21 drawings to go!

11 Wires #11 Wires 🧟‍♂️

14 Tape #14 Tape

16 Ritual #16 Ritual

This one was actually pretty chilled, I didn’t feel too rushed and it came out pretty decent 👌

17 Dice #17 Dice 🎲🎲

By about this point, the challenge was becoming really hard, so I decided to stop instead of trying to pressure myself.

This last one doesn’t really count, but I drew it on the 31st ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

17 Dice

Maybe next year I’ll do no colour to try and make it easier. You can find my other drawings over on instagram @nrvdraws, thanks for checking out this post. 👌