Web Design Pick 'n' Mix 03

In this Pick ‘n’ Mix i’ll be sharing a few things I found interesting recently. The featured image this time is from an incredible high altitude New York photo shoot by Vincent Laforet, read more about it here.


Compress PDF is an online tool I found recently, it’s great for reducing the size of a pdf for sharing via email. However, be aware it does reduce resolution so it shouldn’t be used with files going to print.

This really cool illustration by Gabriel Silva uses a combination of creative techniques, visit Abduzeedo to take a more detailed look at his process.

Cyber by Gabriel Silva

If you ever get stuck with typography, I always check the Playtype Typographers Glossary. It’s a great resource that covers all the essential terms, it also makes a good starting point for your font choices.

Front end

HTML email design is a massive pain, there’s no doubt about that. While doing some research I found this tuts+ tutorial by Nicole Merlin stood out for me, it’s helpful and covers many of the problems you might encounter, along with the great tip to use border=”1” while building.

antispambot() is a function built into the WordPress core that lets you encrypt your email and protect it from spambots.

echo antispambot( 'email@website.com' );


Going up… elevator.js