Web Design Pick 'n' Mix 04


In this Pick ‘n’ Mix i’m using a free image from novapattern up top. It’s a cool resource for some interesting repeating patterns.

A collection of free-to-use fonts, PSDs and other stuff.

Front end

Hyper Logo
hyper.is is probably my favourite thing right now, it’s just a really cool and customisable terminal.

Yarn Logo
Yarn, it’s basically a faster, more secure and reliable alternative for installing stuff with npm.

Media Query & Asset Downloading Results
Is a hidden image on mobile still being loaded? This is some useful info for keeping page load down on mobile devices.

Advanced CSS selectors

Here’s a few useful advanced CSS selectors that I’ve been using recently.


Any class that contains the stated string


Any class that begins with the stated string


Any class that ends with the stated string


Nuage logo
Nuage is a neat way to manage your domains, easy on the eyes too.