Web Design Pick 'n' Mix 05

So it’s been a long while since my last Pick ‘n’ Mix… this one has been in my drafts for ages, so I thought I’d write it up now that I’ve collected a good amount of stuff.

The image this time is the amazing photography of Paweł Czerwiński over on Unsplash.


Figma - A web app, for design and prototyping. Besides using this for web design, it’s also a really good free alternative for something like Illustrator or Sketch.

Even if you’re not really into design, Steve Schoger’s Refactoring UI videos are great. His CSS Day 2019 talk was also a good one.

Front end

cssstats.com - A great little tool for scanning and fixing up your CSS.

micormodal and microtip - Two handy JS libs built by the same people, that take care of modals and tooltips. Both are lightweight, accessible and unopinionated style-wise, what more could you want?

picsum.photos - Lorem ipsum… but for photos. This pulls photos from Unsplash and allows different sizes to be defined in the url. Really handy for quickly building out any html that includes an image.

dev.to - An online dev community. You can find me cross-posting some of my stuff over on my profile 👌

CSSBattle - A CSS battleground, with challenges to recreate designs in CSS with as little code as possible.

Rellax - A lightweight, vanilla JS parallax library. This lib was so easy to use, I dropped in on my blog billboards within a couple of minutes of learning it existed!

Scroll behaviour smooth - Smooth scrolling now built into CSS. scroll-behavior: smooth;

free-for.dev - Loads of links to free dev stuff.


Notion - A note taking web app, that includes things like Trello style boards, knowledge bases and wikis. I used it a bit, and it seems really good for a digital notes tool. Although I’m actually just using good old notebooks myself ✍️

explodal - The Most Explosive Modal on the Web. 💥