Japan Trip pt.1

It must be around 9 years ago that I added ”Go to Japan” to my wishlist. It’s taken me that long to get the money, time and mental resolution to start planning my trip.

It’s been pretty fun organising everything and I learnt a lot too. Here’s a quick list of some useful things I found along the way:

  • I used Google Flights to figure out my flights to Tokyo and back. It does a good job of showing all the options clearly and it searches loads of airlines, so you know you’re getting a decent price.

  • I researched hotels with tripadvisor and ended up booking some places based on reviews. There was also a lot of good accommodation info on the Japan travel reddit and Japan-guide.

  • I used voyagin to book some cool activities around Tokyo. The staff and hosts who run the site were really helpful too.

  • I bought a temporary data sim card from econnect, which we will pick up from the airport on arrival.

  • Lastly I organised the whole trip plan using Evernote, which I’m also using to keep track of the hotel references and tickets.

Hopefully everything goes to plan! I’m posting this from the airport, so the next update will be either during, or after the trip. Leave me a comment if you have any last minute advice otherwise, matta ne! :D

Wet airport…

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