Scribbles 2018

So, excluding Inktober ‘18, here’s a few of the drawings I did throughout 2018 that I’m still fairly pleased with looking back.

With some of these, I’ve included my initial sketches and stuff over on the instagram post. I’ve added the link below each drawing for that, along with the original caption.

25th February

Practicing hands ✋

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11th March

An idea for the @ladowska challenge #sketchwithasia this week, to draw Spirited Away’s Chihiro with Totoro! 👌

This is both of them at the cinema 😅

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10th May

She still needs a name, but for now it’s just “Potion Witch”

Let me know what you think? I really like how this one turned out ✨

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22nd May

Mikasa Ackerman (ミカサ・アッカーマン) & Zero Two (ゼロツー) sharing their red scarf ✨

I included some of my progress in the gallery. I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out 🙂

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3rd June

2B meets 2-D

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2B from Nier:Automata and 2-D from Gorillaz talking about some weird similarities they share.

7th June

Frieza vs Goku, an epic battle is taking place, believe me! Requested by @bloomsday_92 ✨

I added the linework and the original sketch too. This was pretty fun to draw, I found myself just smiling a lot for some reason! 😅 Let me know what you think, also if you want me to draw something, drop me a DM and I’ll see if I can 👌

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17th June

DiCaprio on his flip phone in The Departed

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30th June

Holy Hands 🙏

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I see this exact prayer hand pose everywhere, so here’s my take.

21st July


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For whatever reason, I just wanted to draw this cool motorcycle helmet idea I had.

22nd July

Had this idea in my head all week 🙄

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4th August

2B Nier:Automata in Emil’s Lunar Tear Field, sans dress module 😅

Pretty happy with how this turned out, I think I even surprised myself a little. The feathers on the arms could have done with more definition I think. I only ended up using two layers for the drawing on this! (2B and the background)

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11th August

Had this idea that #potionwitchoc could lend #Yubooh her magic skull hair clip, since her hair is always over one eye 😅

Yubooh is @paulinaapc’s cute little witch character. I also included my rough original sketch, since I thought the comparison was pretty cool. The amount of time I put into those hands 😵 … the struggle is real.

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25th August

25th August 2


I thought about the colours, but it always has to be pink and orange! Spent a while drawing those shoes…

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15th September

👨‍🚀 Saturday morning sketchin’

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27th September


I think I went a bit overboard with the fx on this one 🤔, pretty happy with the pose though 🙌

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That’s it for ‘18, if you like this stuff you can keep an eye on the Drawing tag or follow my instagram @nrvdraws.