Scribbles 2021

More scribbles following on from, Scribbles 2020 pt.2.

I’ve been working on building a bit of a technique/style this year so far, as I think that’s something I have been lacking. I also deviated away from my pixel game idea for now, to focus on other things in life. I do plan on coming back to it, but for now I’m just enjoying drawing the characters and world building.

I’ve also started work on another story project, which I’ve not posted anything for as of yet. Anyway, here’s what I’ve scribbled this year so far:


Did some little doodle avatars for my workmates. They didn’t quite come out how I wanted, but I guess they look pretty cool still 😅

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Happy New Year! 🎉 (Ryuko Matoi)

(posted on the first day of 2021)

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Nia Scribble

lil nia scribble

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Royal mail 1

A series of drawings featuring anime characters in the bright Royal Mail uniform.

Royal Mail 2

Royal mail 2

Royal Mail 3

more bright royal mail jacket 📨

Royal mail 3

Nia Run

Another of my OC, Nia today 🏃

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This is based on a super vivid dream I had the other night,

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Matoi Arknights

Ryuko Matoi, in the style of Arknights. Got a bit bored and didn’t do the shoes. Might come back to it at some point!

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Nia and her AI companion 🤖 Decided to post this now. I did plan to spend some more time on it, but I kind of want to work on something else instead!

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Casual Kainé

Casual Kainé - NieR Replicant Took a bit more time doing this one.

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Post at dusk

📮 this again

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Ensan Sword

Ensan scribble 🗡️

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Ensan and Nia

Ensan & Nia

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