My current setup, as of writing this post ✨

You might have found my site after speaking to me at the skatepark or maybe you found one of my stickers there - if so, this post is for you!

I picked up skating again in October 2021, which I mentioned briefly in my 2022 post. It’d been around 15 years since I last skated back in the high school/college days. I’ve been aiming to get one session in per week in, and over time I’ve gotten quite a bit better than I was back in the day (still not amazing by any standard). I mainly just enjoy skateboarding as it gets me out of the house and it’s sort of like a hobby and exercise at the same time.

I believe skateboarding also has some mental health benefits and it’s generally good for your wellbeing. It demands your complete focus, which allows you to temporarily disconnect from other aspects of life. Your attention becomes fully immersed in the moment and you often lose track of time. The normal thoughts that fill your mind fade into the background for a bit. It’s not all fun and games though - I’ve certainly taken some damage, but it’s all part of the process too.


Since starting back skating again, I’ve met quite a few new people along the way and usually we skate together where possible. I set up a telegram group where we post our clips and arrange skate sessions - mostly around the Manchester area, but we do sometimes travel further out. If you feel like you want to try skating or already do and want some people to skate with feel free to join!

✉️ Telegram Chat Invite

Also, if you’re interested, I keep a list of my boards/setups on my “Uses” page 🛹